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Our baskets are unique and are not the same you find in stores or pre-pared online of which many of them come as far as China. We manufacture everything you see inside the basket locally in Montreal Quebec Canada and that is including the wooden crate. The fun part is you can  BUILD YOUR OWN BASKET by selecting the items you like according to your budget and we will prepare it for you wrapped cellophane and accessories. All the selected items will be hand picked to complete your special basket by a human been right at our manufacturing facilities in Montreal. (The type and the size of the basket might vary depending on the choice of items).

A hand written message / card on your behalf can be prepared for you , or you if your preferer to writ it by yourself, then you have to send it to us or bring it to our store .

Please note: The initial cost of $12.00 is simply to cover the cost of the wooden crate / basket , cellophane, ribbons, decorations & the time required to prepare your very personalized basket.    Any question please contact us at (514) 508-5444 / (800) 613-1883 /

Here is a picture below how your personalized basket would look like



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