Degustation (15 Noble Swiss Chocolates)


15 verities of Grand Cru Noble Chocolates / distinct flavours

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This is absolutely a Unique, Original item exclusively designed for a Corporate or Personal Gift.  This will give you and those who love, not only the pleasure of enjoying and discovering  NOBLE chocolates, but will give you a vast knowledge of the best chocolates available in the world.  Some names you may not be familiar with, and that is OK, however now you will know. With an authentic Swiss Made Bell, we assure you this gift unique in the entire world.

They are Manufactured exclusively with NOBLE (Grand Cru Couvertures) Cocoa Beans in Switzerland.

The wooden crate includes:

  • Distinct (15) NOBLE chocolates of Grand Cru single source
  • Variety of Dark, Milk & White chocolates
  • Weight: 10 gr / each chocolate
  • Couverture Grand Cru, AROMA world brochure for your personal knowledge of Noble Chocolate. Read first about what your are going evaluate (in English only)
  • Authentic and original Bell – Swiss Made
  • Accessories  

Notes: The percentage sign (%) signifies the cacao content . The “hr” signifies the number of hours required for each chocolate in the Conching process. Here is how these noble chocolates have been prepared:

The list:

  1. Centenario Concha: dark 70%
  2. Grenada: milk 38%
  3. Rio Huimbi: milk 42%
  4. Grenada: dark 65%
  5. Elvesia: Dominican Republic, milk 42% – 30hr, Organic
  6. Rio Huimbi: dark 62%
  7. Elvesia: dark: 74%-72hr – Organic
  8. Maracaibo Criolait: milk 38%
  9. Maracaibo Créole: milk 49%
  10. Arriba: dark 72% – 72hr
  11. Madagascar : dark 64% – 72hr
  12. Bolivia: dark 68% – 60hr
  13. Bolivia: milk 38%-48hr
  14. Maracaibo Classificado: dark 65%
  15. Centenario Crudo: dark 70%

If you have more time to learn more, keep reading :

ORIGIN: The aromatic and rare Criollo and Trinitario pure cacao beans of outstanding quality with the designation of origin from the basis of this exclusive Swiss Grand Cru Chocolate.

SUATAINABILITY : Representative of Felchlin Switzerland (+125 years) personally and regularly visit the farmers , cooperatives and partners. These visits support an understanding of production, working and social conditions.

ROASTING: The traditional roasting of the cacao beans is carried out slowly and gently in small batches. The process occurs without time restrictions, allowing the uniqueness of each cacao bean to unfold.

CONCHING:  The original and traditional longitudinal conche enables the hidden myriad of aromas to gently and optimally reveal themselves through hours of movement and aeration , finally reaching the crescent of perfect homogeneity and texture.

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