Our Sugar Free Chocolates ( dark, milk or white) has no added sugar (NAS), suitable for special dietary requirements. Our high quality standards for cacao butter make this a very smooth chocolate with an intense flavour.

  • Ingredients (dark) cacao kernel, sweetener (E965: maltitol), cacao butter, vanilla* Madagascar, emulsifier (E322.: sunflower lecithin*). Cacao minimum 62%.
  • Ingredients (milk) : sweetener (E965: maltitol), whole milk powder low in lactose, cacao butter, cacao kernel, emulsifier (E322.: sunflower lecithin*), vanilla* Madagascar. Cacao minimum 38%. May contain traces of almonds & hazelnuts
  • Ingredients (white) : Sweetener (E965: Maltitol), Cacao Butter, Whole MILK Powder, Skimmed MILK Powder, Vanilla Extract* Madagascar, Emulsifier (E322: SOYA Lecithin). Cacao minimum 36%.


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