A- Ice Cream & Sorbet (Crème Glacée)


ICE CREAM BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER:  We love and enjoy making people smile, happy and having fun in everything we do.  Therefore we created 30 different, original and exclusive flavors of ice cream and sorbets hoping it will contribute to bring people together in 30 different ways. Our ice cream and Sorbets are 100% free from any chemicals, and therefore we do not manufacture soft treats, all our Ice Cream are hard.

We manufacture:
A- ICE CREAM. : We call it Gelato because it has less fat because we use more milk and less cream. It rarely contains egg yolks.

1-    Dark Swiss Chocolate Grand Cru
2-    Milk Swiss chocolate Grand Cru
3-    White Swiss chocolate Grand Cru
4-    Stracciatella Maracaibo
5-    Almond
6-    Coffee
7-    Cappuccino
8-    Sour cream
9-    Centenario Concha and Crudo
10-   Xocoflakes
11-    Stracciatella Crudo Crunch
12-    Cacao fruit juice – Cacao fruit couverture
13-    Praline (hazelnuts)
14-    Marzipan
15-    Coconuts
16-    Mango-Coco
17-    Pistachio
18-    Vanilla
19-    Vanilla-Raspberry
20-    Rum & raisin

21-    Caramel

1.    Chocolate grand cru
2.    Raspberry
3.    Lemon
4.    Strawberry
5.    Mango
6.    Passion Fruits
7.    Camerise
8.    Peach
9.    Cacao Fruit Couverture


11- Wild Berries

•  Gelato sticks Vanilla Tropical

• Gelato sticks Vanilla, Crunchy-Choc

D- Personnalized and exlusived flavours . Please contact us for more details

Note: Presently we are not in a position to ship our Ice Cream or sorbets. Available at our chocolate stores only: Cons (different formats ), (1/2) liter, (1) liter, 2.5 liters & 5 liters


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