Prime Chocolate truly believes that our commitment to organic standards throughout the whole supply chain is ethically correct and essential for making the highest quality organic couverture. By now with our 5 new exciting couvertures and organic nibs, we have managed to create fine recipes for a variety of ORGANIC Pralines, Truffles, Bars & Pastries.

COUVERTURE : Is the name given to a certain class of high-quality chocolate. All chocolate bars contain many of  the same base ingredients— cocoa solids,  cocoa  butter, sugar, and perhaps additives like vanilla, soy lecithin, or milk powder.

The term Bio and / or Organic means ‘Deriving from Living Matter”
Certified organic ingredients are sourced from ethical suppliers that
cultivate each ingredient without antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers or
GMO technology.

The care and treatment of the soil and the bio diversity on plantations are key to sustainable and ecological agriculture.  Our  philosophy is based on these guiding principles manufacturing not only products with high quality raw materials but also with respect to social awareness and sustainability.


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