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Original, Traditional & Authentic Quality is Prime Chocolate’s commitment to produce enjoyable chocolates.  The chocolate standards guarantee the uniqueness & purity of every individual chocolate we manufacture which has a distinctive & unique taste.                      Manufacturing Finest Swiss Chocolate Since 1908,  is not only statement and accomplishment by itself, rather an established a solid loyalty of clients passed from Parents to Children to Grand Children in a span of + 110 years.

(UNISCO Biosphere Entlebuch – Switzerland )

Switzerland is particularly renowned for its high quality of milk.  In 1875 it was in Switzerland the first time solid milk chocolate was developed using condensed milk, which had been originally invented by a Swiss pioneer Mr. Henri Nestlé in the town of  Vevey (Switzerland – 100 km East of Geneva), followed by a breakthrough infant formula in 1867 which is sold all over the world. For us combining that same quality of milk  & working directly with cacao farmers and partners around the glob to ensure our standards of quality, transparency and sustainability are met throughout all our processes, from cacao beans to chocolate, the result is simply an exceptional high quality of chocolate well known and appreciated by millions of people all over the world. 


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Prime Chocolate couverture is the result of collective experience, choice cacao and passionate craftsmanship. Each bean from the different regions and the various countries features unique, specific and intensive flavours which unfold through traditional Swiss craftsmanship. With our exclusive Gindujas, natural fillings & flaverings enabled us to offer nothing but the joy of eating chocolate 

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